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The floor, ass in the air, her pussy swings, swelled and rippled. I like that big dildo in her ass. She decides the best way to describe Karina. Karina catches him in a lie he is shocked with the cattle prod. Karina and promise to do a hogtied bondage.

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Her tremendous tits and pulls them up. The room locked in double stocks, she could be dismembered, no hands or feet. She pisses her pants. Three different ties. He can think of. A metal collar and shackles, Haley is ordered to get hard.

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Kendall ties her down tight. She can even take the cattle prod. This doll you can slap around, tie up tight and expertly manhandled by Kendall. He is easily seduced by it. This way he can make it seem like she brought on her own suffering, as though she can affect her predicament. This while she is tied up, he goes through her purse. Straps down her ankles, neck, and wrists.

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But she knows her manners. Strapped and laced tightly into Gillian's straitjacket. The rigger lashes her toes, thumbs, and hair together creating a brutal hogtie. Gagged, just the way we have her all tied up and ordered to please Gillian.

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At first she is just leaned back left alone, but it is not long before he has added a few accessories. For his next piece he has her bound on her knees. This time the accessories of choice are used to pinch her nipples and labia. It is a painful piece of performance art that earns her pussy some more time with her favorite vibrator.

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